Blogagility Learns: Feedback Loop Markers – Org Mindset Enterprise Coach Class Panel

Prosperity has its benefits. I was blessed with the opportunity to visit beautiful Boulder, CO last week to learn about the Org Mindset body of knowledge from my vlog buddy Alex Yakyma. I promised a few folks I would create a vlog review of the course. I will pull that story in my next iteration. First, I have to pass the exam by next Tuesday!

Preview: the course was awesome! Alex has really tapped into a deep study of mental models and bias that we all possess. The context of the course is organizational, naturally. It fundamentally transcends all of the scaling frameworks, “Agile”, “Scrum” and other methods and practices. It is also a critical study in the evolution in thinking about how we approach transformation in the enterprise.

As coaches the thinking tools that Alex teaches in the Org Mindset Enterprise Coach (OMECv2) course are invaluable. I’ve already started using them in PI Planning that occurred with the week after I was in the course. Until then, enjoy this video of your blogagility teddy bear.


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