Scrum master with Lego Game Experiment

The relentless improvement experiment continues. For a Scrum master course, I instructed this week I offered to the team of teams (students) the opportunity to use the Scaled Agile baked in simulation for PI Planning or simulate PI Planning using the Lego Product Development Game. The teams unanimously chose the Lego Game. Go figure. 🙂It actually went quite well. In this course, I used the stock slides as queues and changed the content on the fly to the “Amazing Lego City.” Students volunteered for roles as Product Owner, SM and my co-instructors in-learning helped with SM and RTE roles. Check out the results. The collaboration was very evident amongst the teams and within the team of teams. IMG_0335

From now on, I’ll be using the Lego Game in all of the SAFe courses that I teach. There is something about the physicality of using Lego’s as resources to build the product that enhances the learning experience for students.


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