Crown and Lean-Agile Comparison

Tell the truth, what were you thinking when you read the title? 🙂

crownmI observed something while installing crown molding in my living room this weekend. The amount of “fill” and “sanding” and repainting that needs to be done is directly proportional to the skill and experience of the trim carpenter (me in this case). The less skill and experience, the more putty, wood filler, and caulk you will need to fix the mess (umm… quality). I already knew I was a horrible trim carpenter. But, at least I’m highly motivated.

We can work with motivated people. They can grow better skills through thoughtful and guided experiences.

It works the same way with Agile Coaching, Scrum masters, and Development Team members. This is what I observed this weekend — Agile and crown molding have something in common.

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