Month: March 2015

How to Kanban with Trello

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Thoughts on Product Led, Analytics and Startups

You hear about Kanban all the time. There are great guides out there but you do not know where to start. Is this the case? I had the same problem too. So I tried to gather some really baby steps of implementing a simple Kanban system for your early development phase.

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Effective use of Lean-Agile frameworks and systems (Scrum, Kanban) for Global Remote Teams

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oblivion-movie-melissa-leoRemote teams and Lean-Agile frameworks

In this article I cover various strategies and methods for effectively implementing and using Agile, Scrum, Lean and Kanban (the system) for globally remote teams (virtual workforces, telecommuters). I will also attempt to debunk the myth that Scrum may not be used for remote teams. We are not going to deep dive into the “Agile” mindset, values, and principles (Agile Manifesto) or Lean thinking here. Although, they are the critical foundations for using / implementing Scrum effectively.

Over the years I have heard many people say that you can’t “do” Scrum with remote teams or some other such nonsense. I find this fascinating because I have done Scrum with remote teams for years — successfully.

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