Essential SAFe and the Agile End Game

Defining the elusive and dynamic Agile End Game for organizations.

The Cynefin Framework reference

I can’t say that I agree at all with Dave Snowden’s approach to communication. The guy is rough around the edges, a “perpetual curmudgeon” in his own words. And that is describing it kindly. He does have some good ideas on decision making though.

Jem D’jelal: If you could only let go of agile…

Reblogged with permission from Jem D’jelal, the original author of this content, as a contributor to Originally published on LinkedIn February 2, 2017.  Jem D’jelal Coaching individuals & teams to find “better” ways of working. God it’s hard, isn’t it? Learning about something you’re so passionate about, something which fills your being with such energyContinue reading “Jem D’jelal: If you could only let go of agile…”