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I&A Series – “Being assigned features after planning before the PI is complete”

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I am starting a new series of posts where I will answer some actual problems/ideas presented in an I&A problem solving workshop as part of open space facilitation. This is the first of a few dozen that I plan on covering. If you have any comments, please, let’s learn together.


Problem/Idea #1:


“being assigned features after planning before the Program Increment planning (PI/PIP) is complete”


A SAFe Answer

From a SAFe (and Scrum/Agile/Kanban) perspective, features (or stories) should never be assigned to a team. This is a common anti-pattern/fragile action that occurs during the early stages of cultural change where people are learning to let go of their theory X selves and dismantle the old belief system that people are dumb oxen that must be led by a bridle.

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The SAFe System Team Is an Anti-Pattern

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This is why “Systems Teams” in SAFe are part of the team of teams (ART) and self-organized around DEVSECOPS mindset. Don’t blame the guidance for poor implementation, coaching, or toxic players. Additionally, scarcity of resources or strategy can result in systems teams being not on an ART in a SAFe implementation. This will always have fragile potential if the principles are not in play in the social and cultural construct. Systems Thinking must apply.

First vlog – ever – inspired by Jem + coaching tip

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So, Jem D’jelal asked, “Would it be more entertaining to see sharing of 10 years worth of ScrumMaster journals as blogs or short vlogs? User feedback please!”

I was inspired by his question this afternoon on the drive home. I thought I’d have a little fun. Share my opinion in an entertaining way and also offer my first ever vlog and coaching tip of the day. Hopefully, I’ll learn something about vlogging.

I have 0.59 seconds into the video, five minutes of editing and uploading, and ten minutes writing this post. I can shrink the time box to ten total minutes I’m sure after a few more experiments.

Now, all I need are IDEAS. Please send the requests and I’ll do my best to give you answers.

Disclaimer: I do not enjoy watching or listening to myself on video. I’m terrified at how all of you will react. I had turned on video capability on my blog months ago. Honestly, I have a lot of fear about doing this. Today, I’m inspired. Thank you Jem.

Here it is… please give feedback. Nicely if possible.

Lego product development simulation game

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Enhancing the understanding process by simulation of cadence and ceremonies. A very valuable teaching technique. Still experimenting with how to effectively integrate into various courses.

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Tushar Paunikar: You Always Have A Choice!!!

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Reblogged with permission from Tushar Paunikar, the original author of
 this content, as a contributor to Originally published 
on LinkedIn August 3, 2017.


You always have a choice! If you think about it, you always have a choice. No matter how hard it is to accept, but you always have a choice.

The alarm goes off at 5 AM! You have a choice.

Not feeling too upbeat to go to work? You have a choice.

Bored with the daily mundane tasks you are required to perform at work? You have a choice.

Disillusioned with the state of affairs of the current government? You had a choice. Rather you will again have a choice.

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Tushar Paunikar: Agile and the KRA Conundrum

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Reblogged with permission from , the original author of
 this content, as a contributor to Originally published 
on LinkedIn, November 22, 2016.


Life can be pulled by goals just as surely as it can be pushed by drives. -Viktor E. Frankl

Metrics drive behavior. I bet all would agree. We have experienced this umpteen times in our professional life. Even our personal life is abundant with examples where metrics influence people’s behavior.

If my kid has the target to score an ‘A’ in Math and that target is linked to a new bike, he will try to find insincere ways to achieve his target, if he sees his attempts to study sincerely may not be fruitful.

If a developer has the target to maintain 80% code coverage and that target is linked to a quarterly Most Valuable Player award, (s)he will try to find nasty ways to increase code coverage, if (s)he sees that all attempts to write meaningful unit tests may not meet the project deadline.

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Srinivas Garapati: The Agile, Framework, and the challenges.

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Reblogged with permission from Srinivas Garapati, the original author of this content, as a contributor to Originally published on LinkedIn, June 28, 2017.


Scrum and other agile frameworks may be easy to understand, yet prove extremely challenging to implement – especially in any large organizational environment. Why is that so? The following metaphor is an attempt to explain the difficulty. Every metaphor is imperfect, but we will try to give a gist of the challenges involved.

We apologize should anyone feel offended, and this is not to disparage the great work that everyone contributed to the agile movement. The knowledge and great learning that we have accumulated over the years would not have happened without this journey through the Agile manifesto.

What’s a framework?

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