Whitehurst: on DevOps, apps, and infrastructure; Blogagility – Agile Scrum is the answer

An analysis Jim Whitehurst discussed the interactions or lack thereof between infrastructure and operational folks and the guys who are locked in the closet - developers - in an interview with Fredric Paul (Network World). They discussed the fact that software is becoming ever more omnipresent in technology. It is the first level of interaction [...]


Practical Application: The Daily Scrum and other stuff for Remote Teams

The world is changing, becoming smaller and smaller everyday thanks in large part to technology. Remote Teams and Culture Hacking I've been privileged with working with a few companies that embraced remote work and teams. A few more than others but none more than Linaro. The company had two offices officially, but the vast majority [...]

Critiquing One of My Own Real User Stories

Originally posted on I am a fan of Mike Cohn and follow his blog, books, and courses regularly. He makes a great point about how we sometimes jump right into solving the problem rather than stating goals, documenting requirements, constraints and criteria for acceptance. Read more at his blog... Critiquing One of My Own Real [...]

Size matters – a feature the technology industry still hasn’t figured out

This begs a serious question for the product managers and marketers of companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, Amazon and others. Why not release an iPhone or Galaxy or Google phone in XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL sized versions?

Great story about the importance of family – Father and Daughter Reunion

I had to repost this story. This gentleman made a very important, amazing decision to spend more time with his family. He certainly got two of his priorities straight. I wonder if he has #1 correct? Boss at $2-trillion investment firm PIMCO says 10-year-old daughter made him quit  

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