2018 Blogagility.com Change Agent Survey

Dear Blogagility.com Subscribers, The blog has over 1600 e-mail subscribers, receives over 2,000+ views and 1,500+ unique visitors each month as of April 2018. I deeply appreciate your support, feedback, and connections! I have created an NPS survey for BLOGAGILITY.com. I would sincerely appreciate your feedback on the blog and its content. Based on the survey feedback,Continue reading “2018 Blogagility.com Change Agent Survey”

How to PI System Demo like a rock star

SAFe® The Evidence Series #1 Check out the amazing things that high performance, motivated teams can do. This is business agility and Lean-Agile culture at its best. The transformation of my client’s organization is amazing. We are using Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban (and systems thinking), SAFe®, OrgMindset®, and other tools to inspire and persuade aContinue reading “How to PI System Demo like a rock star”

Kizhner: My practice advice to bring the Agile way of developing software to a team.

Authored by Aleksandr Kizhner, AgileThought, also a blogagility.com contributing author. April 24, 2018 I strongly believe that every software development team is a very HIGH-IQ team, and we can’t just impose practices on them. They have to understand the WHY.  There is the book called “Start with Why” by Simon Sinek, and it talks about what’s foundational to motivate humanContinue reading “Kizhner: My practice advice to bring the Agile way of developing software to a team.”

VersionOne 12th Annual State of Agile Report – Scaling Methods Growth Comparison

This year doesn’t have any big surprises. Disciplined Agile Delivery is up a few points while Nexus remains stagnant.